J-Newton Energy is a leading consultancy firm that specialises in Skid Tank / Gas Plant Procurement, Assembly, Refurbishment and Management.

Our consultancy services offer the following:

Provision of up to date advice on safety management of LPG equipment.

Providing the necessary know how and information to assist or clients to maintain safe, reliable and efficient operation of LPG facilities with the prevention of losses as one of our desirable outcomes.

A tailored service which ensures that all aspects of regulatory compliance of Nigeria in relation to LPG plants, skids, facilities and utilisation are adhered to.

Health and Safety Guidance
J-Newton pride themselves on being able to ensure that our clients operate in a risk free and regulated environment – ensuring that they have the peace of mind they need to operate LPG facilities.

As part of our consultancy services, we also provide client with business viability reports depending on the particular LPG operations. The report comes with financial forecasts which includes; cash flow projection, business profitability, annual turnover, viability analysis and operational plan which will serve as a guide for clients on how to grow and manage business

Our services come highly recommended.