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J-Newton Energy Services & Resources Ltd and J-Newton Energy Limited are indigenous and progressive West African Companies, focused on providing an "unrivalled customer orientated performance" and a "5 star professional service" in all our activities within the Oil and Gas Industry in both Nigeria and Ghana with a focus on the LPG sector and the entire LPG Value Chain.
J-Newton Energy Services & Resources Ltd (RC 1364959) was incorporated in Nigeria (2016) with its sister company incorporated (2017) in Ghana as J-Newton Energy Limited (CS 008132017)

Both companies have been set up to operate in West Africa as a disruptive and progressive force that is determined to change the Oil and Gas Services Industry positively and enhance the LPG landscape and value chain in Nigeria, Ghana and West Africa as a whole.


Some of Our Services Include

Consultancy within LPG Sector

We can consult on and guide the safe procurement, supply and installation of LPG machinery.

We aim at ensuring that facilities are operated in a compliant manner, ensuring that all DPR, Fire Safety, Weights and Measures and other regulations are adhered to.

Procurement of LPG Products

We are able to offer procurement services for LPG Skid Tanks and all accessories. All machinery we import is SON approved and have European Certification (highest level) and comply with DPR regulations. They are sourced internationally and come with a 1 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Petroleum Product Brokering

We provide a transparent brokering service - currently linking buyers from Ghana to oftakers in Nigeria. We also are able to source and facilitate sale of other white products (ATK, PMS, AGO) upon successful screening of clients. 

We currently have offices in Ghana and Nigeria which aid our smooth operations.

LPG HSE Safety Training & Services

We specialise in providing and securing health and safety training for LPG users - Industrial & Home.

LPG Logistics (Other Fuels)

We are equipped with the vehicles, machinery and know how to ensure the safe transportation and supply of LPG and other petroleum products. We also have partners with distribution facility that can assist with the transportation of other petroleum fuels i.e. Diesel(AGO), Aviation Fuel(ATK), Kerosene(DTK) and Petrol(PMS).

LPG Underground Tanks & Conversion Kits

We have secured an exclusivity deal with an Italian company to distribute underground LPG storage tanks.

We also have the expertise available to provide and convert machinery to LPG fuel 

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