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J-Newton Energy Services & Resources Ltd is a progressive West African company focused on providing excellent professional services and products within and across the LPG Value Chain.

Our dedicated team equipped with the benefits associated with LPG, aim to promote and support the development, safe use of and accessibility of LPG as a cleaner fuel in West Africa and the African continent as a whole

We provide a professional service that is geared towards ensuring that LPG is handled and distributed to the masses in a safe and compliant manner.

Some of Our Services Include

Consultancy within LPG Sector

We guide the safe procurement, supply and installation of LPG machinery. Aiming towards ensuring that facilities are operated in a compliant manner,  in line with regulations governing its use.

Procurement of LPG Products

Procurement and supply of LPG products & accessories. We also provide Conversion Kits.

LPG Logistics (Other Fuels)

We are equipped with the vehicles, machinery and know how to ensure the safe transportation and supply of LPG and the distribution of other hazardous fuels ie Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol etc

LPG Safety Training & Services

We specialise in providing and securing health and safety training for LPG users - Industrial & Home.

LPG Composite Cylinders

We can source and supply composite cylinders in bulk, that are manufactured within the West African Continent (Nigeria) which can also be customised to individual specifications.

LPG Conversion Kits

We are distributors of LPG conversion systems for gasoline generators.

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